Where to find zero waste DIY ingredients online [2020]

Where to find zero waste DIY ingredients online - PollyBarks.com

A large part of the zero waste experience is DIY. Whether you love it or immediately stop DIYing, it’s an important first step into exploring alternatives to conventional products.

In an ideal world, we’d all be able to walk to a perfectly-curated, low-price unpackaged store with all the zero waste DIY ingredients we’d ever need. It may be (not at all) shocking to find out, but that’s not reality for most.

To help you intrepid DIYers out, I figured I’d compile a big list of where to source zero waste DIY ingredients online.

Are these really all 100% zero waste DIY ingredients?

Well, no.

These will not all be without plastic packaging. And here’s the truth: if you’re buying a glass jar of zero waste product from someone calling it “zero waste”, they’re hiding packaging in the background.

And that’s OK – for now. It’s how our system is set up. I’ve tried to put in small Etsy sellers when possible, since you’re able to send them a “please no plastic packaging” message.

And if you’re worried about the impact of sourcing zero waste DIY ingredients online, I have a whole post dedicated to the environmental impacts of shopping online. Basically, if you can’t walk to a locally-owned store, buying online is probably the lower-impact option. (But no two-day shipping!)

Where to find zero waste DIY ingredients online - PollyBarks.com

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Liquids and butters

Liquids | Oils are an essential base to most DIY recipes, and other liquids like witch hazel or rose water are useful additions. All of these options – except the last one – come with a glass jar option.

Body butters | Butters are great for adding extra moisture to products, as well as making them less liquid and more creamy. Cocoa, mango, and shea butters are packaged in large plastic bags, or resealable plastic-lined pouches.

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Herbs & powders

Where to find zero waste DIY ingredients online - PollyBarks.com

Herbs | Herbs can be added to zero waste DIY products for function, smell, or just because they’re beautiful! Most herbs mentioned here come in glass jars (large amounts) or resealable plastic pouches (small amounts).

Powders | Each powder has different properties, but most go into products like face masks. Most of these will be sold in resealable plastic pouches.

Extra ingredients

Where to find zero waste DIY ingredients online - PollyBarks.com

Wax | Waxes are used to firm up products. While beeswax is not vegan, I highly encourage everyone to use (local) beeswax in their recipes. You can read about my issue with vegan waxes and the benefits of beeswax in this post.

Containers | it’s best to repurpose what you already have, but it can be helpful to have a stash of product-ready containers in your closet.

Where to find zero waste DIY ingredients online - PollyBarks.com

DIY book recommendations

You’ve got the ingredients – now what? Here’s a non-comprehensive list of some of my favorite low-waste DIY books:

Happy making!