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“Oh hey,” you’re saying, “I’d love to…”

Advertise with

Great, advertising is definitely an option for the right company! My readers are passionate about sustainability and zero waste advocacy, and appreciate companies who aren’t just bandwagoning on the trend of sustainability.

Let’s answer a few of the “Do I…?” questions:

  • Yes, I offer advertising options to sustainable brands.
  • No, I do not do unpaid advertising/accept product in exchange for ad space.
  • Yes, I offer flexible options for companies of all sizes!
  • No, I do not offer Instagram ads currently.

Right now I offer advertising options on my blog as well as my weekly newsletter. Please feel free to reach out to for more information!

Pick your brain

I appreciate you thinking of me! I recommend using the search bar in the header to see what I’ve already written on the topic. Most questions I get have been answered already!

If you need specific advice on something sustainability or zero waste related, you can sign up for a call on Clarity. A quick 15-20 minute call can help you in the right direction.

Write for you

Thanks, but I’m not accepting guest posts at this time. You can check back periodically to see if submissions are open.

Invite you to an event

Perfect! I’ve spoken and led zero waste workshops of all sizes for organizations, universities, and businesses. Aside from taking part in panel discussions and offering keynotes, I also offer sessions like:

  • Zero Waste 101: Listen and learn from Polly Barks through her main offering, an introduction to sustainability and zero waste that goes beyond a mason jar of trash. From single-use plastics to CO2 footprints and beyond, Polly will equip participants with the information needed to think critically about the unsustainable systems they exist in.
  • More Than a Plastic Bag: a discussion on sustainability that dives into the nuance of living a “green” life. Participants will get to choose from a range of topics including food systems, individual zero waste tips, community action, etc. We’ll dive into what you want to cover and come away with actionable tips to implement right away. (Each participant will receive a copy of Polly’s book, More Than a Plastic Bag, to guide them beyond the hour-long event.)
  • Workshops: get hands on and attract an audience of eco-enthusiasts! learn how to make low-waste DIY products as an introduction to a more sustainable lifestyle.

If you’d like to bring one of these to your organization, please reach out.

Something else

Other ideas on how we can work together? I’d love to chat. Please feel free to reach out at

Want me to help your organization set actionable environmental sustainability goals? Have a question about something you’ve read? Just want to say hey? Cool! Drop it in the form below and let’s chat!