Zero Waste Presentations

Groups are introduced to zero waste (beyond trash in a mason jar) and are tasked with creating actionable goals to get them started on their journey. Participants will leave with a better understanding of sustainability issues.

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Zero Waste Workshops

Even more powerful than a simple presentation, workshops allow participants to take things home and ask questions in a less formal environment. From toiletries to recipes, there's a zero waste swap for that.

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Keynote Presentations

Have a sustainability symposium or conference and you'd like someone to speak about cultivating sustainability in various populations, grassroots community resiliency, or zero waste in general?

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About Polly

Polly Barks is a zero waste educator with a focus on making zero waste easier and more accessible for everyone. She’s a big fan of small town living, spending time in the kitchen, and slowly dismantling capitalism.

She spent 5 years in Moscow, Russia after university. Afterwards, she and her husband somewhat inexplicably landed in Indianapolis, IN. It was there – as she worked in high-poverty, high-crime communities – that she saw first-hand the trash that most privileged people can avoid. She headed an hour north to buy a house and is now semi-settled in Lafayette, IN.

Other Services

Polly is also available for collaboration on other types of projects. Some – but not limited to – are listed here:

  • Ambassadorships
  • Sponsored blog or social media posts
  • Green consulting for business
  • Green or eco-friendly event promotion
  • Other ways that we can spread zero waste together
  • Rates will vary depending on the scope of work and usage, but please feel free to reach out to discuss your objectives.