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An ethical bathroom with Who Gives A Crap review

With companies like Who Gives A Crap – filling a gap in the market (plastic-free, recycled toilet paper) and aligning with my values (low-waste packaging and do-good driven) – I’m up for giving a delivery service a go!

Who Gives A Crap - Delivery

This post is kindly sponsored by Who Gives A Crap, a sustainable toilet paper company.

A general rule: I don’t do delivery services. My town is small so I’m close to what I need, and many of the snazzy delivery companies don’t yet operate in my town. And delivery services are notorious for unnecessary over-packaging which, obviously, is a big turn-off. But on very rare occasions I’m persuaded to change my mind.

With companies like Who Gives A Crap – filling a gap in the market (plastic-free, recycled toilet paper) and aligning with my values (low-waste packaging and do-good driven) – I’m up for giving a delivery service a go!

When the package arrived on my doorstep, I was pretty surprised at the size – I definitely wasn’t expecting so much in my order. I also couldn’t help but wonder what the delivery person assumed was inside the box.

If you have a small space, it may be worth it to split the cost of an order with a friend or two so you don’t struggle for storage – or try the 24 box! You can set up a delivery service with the company – and save some cash – so you won’t run out!

Who Gives A Crap - Delivery

Find out more about creating a zero waste bathroom!

Opening the giant box up is immediately appealing. No plastic and brightly colored paper wrappers! The toilet paper came in a cardboard box and the only plastic on the box was a limited amount of packaging tape. Totally understandable.

The wrappers themselves are so colorful and have turned out to be a great talking point with guests who see the branding and want to know more. The delivery was also so sizable that I had no problem giving away samples to friends who were eager to try out the cute, eco-friendly TP rolls.

(Who knew toilet paper would be a great zero waste talking point?)

Although I no longer live in a tiny apartment, the other clear appeal of the wrapper is that doesn’t have to be stuffed away in the closet. Some of mine went in the closet but others served as the only decoration in my otherwise empty bathroom. (Once opened, I’m saving the wrappers as either future gift wrap or stuffing for packages. Reuse!)

An ethical bathroom with Who Gives A Crap - Green Indy Blog

The toilet paper itself is… toilet paper. I can’t wax poetic over toilet paper, but it’s definitely more substantial than the last disastrous run-in I had with recycled toilet paper. No sandpaper effect here.

It’s quite a bit thicker and softer than the stuff we normally use, so you can get away with using less. It’s soft, functional, and no one would even be able to tell it’s a “green” alternative to their normal options. (Some people can be funny about eco-options – assuming they’re substituting quality for ethics – but that’s not the case here.)

Beyond the physical, you can feel pretty good about Who Gives A Crap’s ethos. Environmentally speaking, the company veers away from the practice of using virgin wood. (Did you know a 2010 study found that the equivalent of 27,000 trees were used daily for toilet paper?) You can choose from an option of 100% recycled paper or bamboo – removing the need to chop down trees just to wipe yourself.

On the social side, just like this site’s profit scheme from workshops, Who Gives A Crap donates 50% of their profits to help build toilets for those in need. Sanitation is an incredibly important piece of a safe and healthy upbringing, and toilets play a huge part in that equation. The company’s latest report shows their charitable donations are over 1.2 million Aussie dollars (that’s the equivalent of over $950,000!) which goes towards partners like WaterAid Australia, Shining Hope For Communities, and others.

Overall I think Who Gives A Crap is one of the many, simple ways we can make changes in our day-to-day life. Making zero waste (or low-waste) swaps doesn’t have to be time-consuming or difficult; instead, we can choose to support companies in line with our own values.

Plus, with the cheerful company image, bright packaging, and cheeky name, what other company can make it so easy to have a weird conversation about waste reduction after your friend’s just come out of the toilet?

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