The Sustainable Kitchen Audit

Excited to live more zero waste but feel like all you do is stuff trash into your kitchen trash can?

Feel frustrated at all the money you’re wasting on those veggies that end up rotting in the back of your fridge?

With the Sustainable Kitchen Audit, there’s no need to feel that overwhelm.

You’ll learn how to reduce the trash in your kitchen bin and stop wasting valuable food in just a few days.

The sustainable kitchen audit

Is this you?

  • Your kitchen is the biggest source of frustration in your low-waste/sustainability journey.
  • You feel like you and your family are constantly wasting food but don’t know how to stop.
  • The idea of sourcing unpacked food seems almost impossible where you live.

That’s exactly why I created the Sustainable Kitchen Audit!

It will help you conduct a trash audit, learn to shop bulk (and why it’s actually not that important), and reduce your food waste.

You’ll get access to:

  • a workbook with introductory lessons and helpful worksheets (valued at $25)
  • the hour-long Become A Food Waste Eradicator masterclass (valued at $99)

Right now you’re struggling to get a handle on your waste as you’re stuck at home and forced to be in the kitchen even more than normal.

No problem. Let’s figure out how to reduce your kitchen waste by 50% and relieve some of your most basic eco-anxieties!

About Polly Barks
Zero waste educator | Lafayette, IN

Hey! I’m Polly and I’m here to break down the big, overwhelming ideas of zero waste and living sustainably into smaller, more actionable pieces. Because if sustainability is hard to understand, how can it be accessible to those who need it most?

I created this resource because I get it: the kitchen was the biggest point of frustration when I started my zero waste journey six years ago. Having a guide to help you sit down and just get it done is what I wish I’d had!