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The ultimate 30-day sustainability challenge workbook

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Polly Barks
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Ready to learn and develop your sustainability knowledge? Want to learn how to turn information into action?

Then this is the workbook for you!

I hope it helps continue your education as you stay at home in a way that you can apply to your community once we’re able to gather together again.

30-day sustainability challenge workbook

About the 30-Day Sustainability Workbook

This is not a “swap X for Y” challenge – except for maybe swapping out some misconceptions.

This is not an action-based challenge – although there will be a daily action item.

Instead, this is an educational challenge that will broaden your (our) understanding of what sustainability really is. Use this time to take your sustainability journey – literally – one day at a time.

What’s inside the workbook

The workbook comes with 30 days of activities, each of which includes:

  • a sustainability term;
  • a quick explanation of the term;
  • a book recommendation;
  • a guiding action question.*

From carbon footprint to life cycle analysis to CAFOs, The 30-Day Sustainability workbook will help you work through some of the more important sustainability terms in a way that helps you become more informed and poised to take action.

*Because knowledge without action just isn’t it, folks!

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