Sharpen your own zero waste habits or develop your eco-activist skills. Where do you want to start?

Below you’ll find my list of products including my first book, courses, and workbooks. If you’d like to know more about advertising or speaking opportunities, please get in touch.

Personal Zero Waste

Sustainable Kitchen Audit

With the Sustainable Kitchen Audit, there’s no need to feel kitchen overwhelm. You’ll learn how to reduce the trash in your kitchen bin and stop wasting valuable food in just a few days.

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More Than a Plastic Bag

We all know it’s important to reduce our waste – but how? We know we must fix our broken systems – but how? More Than a Plastic Bag is here to answer those questions in a practical, accessible way.

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Eco-Activation Blueprint

Learn how to find your advocate niche so you can stop feeling ineffective and burned out; instead, find the right type of activism for you, discover your revolutionary skills, and create a framework that keeps you motivated and inspired.

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Enamel pin

Please don’t eat the rich. They’re full of toxins. Instead, compost them and feed your community. A 1.5 inch enamel pin.

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