More Than a Plastic Bag

More Than a Plastic Bag eco activism guide -

Dedicated to everyone who’s sick of “raising awareness” and is ready to take action. 

We all want to be more sustainable – but how?

We all know it’s important to reduce our waste – but how? We know we must fix our broken systems – but how? More Than a Plastic Bag is here to answer those questions in a practical, accessible way for environmentalists of every level.

About More Than a Plastic Bag

Dive into 12 sections of sustainable living – from the kitchen to gardens to policy and beyond – and explore 3 different levels of action items. Whether you’re taking your first sustainable steps (Beginner), moving beyond the basics (Intermediate), or ready to take action beyond yourself (Advanced), More Than a Plastic Bag is your guide.

The idea for More Than a Plastic Bag began for pretty much the same reason I started my site – because the resources I wanted weren’t available.

From exploring zero waste and sustainability on an extreme budget in Indiana of all places, I knew that swaps weren’t enough.

Bringing my reusable travel mug seemed good, but didn’t stop climate denying members of city council from passing bad policy.

My reusable produce bags made me feel a little better at the grocery store, but didn’t matter all that much if I had no access to fresh produce in a food desert.

I knew the basics weren’t enough. But how was I supposed to do more?

More Than a Plastic Bag will guide the way.

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