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Safety razors for women – save money and trash!

Safety razors for women - all your questions, answered! -

Safety razors for women – yes, it’s a thing. Why let men have all the low-waste action?

I am, perhaps, uniquely unqualified to talk about shaving with a safety razor. Being the whitest redhead, I’ve got such light hair you likely can’t tell whether I shaved yesterday or three months ago unless you’re feeling my leg. (Please don’t do that.)

Still. I am a person that occasionally shaves my legs. When I started my zero waste journey, switching away from plastic razors seemed like a simple, extremely effective way to get started. The EPA estimates that 2 billion razors are thrown away each year, so it’s critically important to move away from such an egregious waste area.

Enter shaving with a safety razor.

And yes, safety razors for women, specifically!


What to do before your first protest – tips & tricks

What to do before your first protest -

Attending your first major protest can feel almost insurmountably intimidating – so here are some helpful tips on what to do before your first protest, both mentally and physically!

Please note that there are my experiences as a US citizen attending protests in both the US and abroad. Check with your local organizers to get more accurate information.


How to recycle clothes (and why you 100% shouldn’t)

So here’s the deal: the real answer on how to recycle clothes is to not do it at all.

Yes, I said it.

As many green, “eco”-branded websites tell you that recycling clothes through them is totally sustainable, the fact is it takes a ton of resources to recycle clothing – often putting a strain on countries outside of the global West for our convenience.

Just like recycling everything else, the true answer is clear: we’re consuming way too many items of clothing and the demand for recycled textiles simply doesn’t meet the supply.

That being said, once you get a handle on your consumption, there are great ways to give clothes you don’t want a new life.


30+ ideas for an epic zero waste Halloween

Halloween: a holiday that’s supposed to scare us as we deal with a planet on the brink of disaster. But a skeleton. Scary. Sure.

Ignoring my climate pessimism, a zero waste Halloween celebration is 100% possible if you’re willing to step back from the plastic-wrapped candy and junky decorations and get a little creative.

Zero waste Halloween costumes

Your complete guide to zero waste Halloween festivities -

50 critical sustainable habits to add to your everyday life

Sustainable habits: we all need them, but which ones we choose depends on our lifestyle and interests. Don’t worry, this list has something for you – and it’s definitely more than the basics you’ve already heard!

Sure – while “bring your reusable bags” or “use a bamboo toothbrush” are great sustainable habits to start with, they’re not going to change the world.* And I know you’re here because you’re ready to change the world for the better.

*If you are starting at the very beginning and looking for those tips, start with these zero waste resolutions!