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Tips on getting near-zero waste orders from Amazon

How to get near-zero waste orders from Amazon! -

Zero waste orders from Amazon: it can (almost) be done. The question is: do we really want to?

Not all of us are living Pinterest-worthy zero waste lives here. And not all of us have the ability to source local, high-quality zero waste goods – basically, all of us outside of a select few major metropolitan areas.

While the internet and ethical online shopping has really leveled the playing field, we also can’t all afford to always support brands with high price points.

Trust me – I get it. I started my zero waste journey almost qualifying for food stamps in a food desert without a car so zero waste on a budget is near and dear.


Beeswax wraps made easy – zero waste diy!

How to make a beeswax wrap DIY - Polly Barks

You might be surprised to hear: making beeswax wraps is actually super simple!

One of the handy little things I carry in my everyday zero waste kit is a DIY beeswax wrap. It’s basically a little handkerchief with a wax cover. Not only is it functional, but it always garners a lot of interest from people, making it a great way to start a conversation with folks in coffee shops about good zero waste practices.

Curious about how to make beeswax wraps (or their vegan counterparts)? Read on.


Make your own zero waste kit – no money needed!

20 ways to go zero waste at home when you can't leave the house -

A zero waste kit is one of the easiest ways to kickstart your zero waste journey. Be prepared for whatever single-use plastics come your way!

The road to zero waste is paved with good intentions. Of course none of us want to produce waste, it’s just that – quite literally – the whole human experience is working against us. Whether it’s long days at work, shuttling kids to and fro, meeting up with friends for drinks, or whatever you’re doing today, it can be hard to stay zero waste while doing it.

Luckily I’ve come to find there’s one pretty simple way to drastically reduce waste when you leave the house. Honestly, the most underrated piece of advice about going zero waste is this: be prepared.


Start Here – Welcome!

Welcome to! I’m so glad you’re here! My mission is to break down the big, overwhelming ideas of zero waste* and living sustainably into smaller, more actionable pieces.

Because if sustainability is hard to understand, how can it be accessible to those who need it most?