A guide to zero waste moving, from start to finish

starting zero waste, zero waste irl

Zero waste moving. Not something we typically consider until we’re faced with packing up our entire lives. Moving has the potential...

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How to gift an experience someone actually wants

shopping guide

One of the big online trends in minimalism is experiences over gifts. And that’s important – but even more important is how to...

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13 reasons why zero waste is more than a plastic bag

more than a plastic bag

Zero waste and sustainability are big ideas. Sometimes that means they get boiled down to oversimplifications, but zero waste is more than...

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How to stop junk mail in 6 simple steps

take action

One interesting bit of napkin math estimates 41 pounds of junk mail - the average amount of junk mail someone living in the US receives per...

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How to respond to a climate change denier

take action, politics/economy • One Comment

Let’s talk about how to respond to a climate change denier. Because let’s face it: freezing and stumbling around your answer isn’t working!

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