80+ zero waste swaps and eco-friendly products

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Zero waste swaps: only to be undertaken once you’ve thoroughly explored zero waste habits with what you already have! Eco-friendly products are only eco-friendly when you actually need them!

Here’s a huge list of section by section zero waste swaps for you to begin making some swaps in all areas of your life.

That being said, a huge caveat: going zero waste does not mean throwing everything you own away and buying sustainable alternatives. There is nothing further from zero waste than throwing away a perfectly functional item just because it doesn’t suit your current lifestyle.

So go through and mark down some of these low waste swaps you’d like to try once your current products run out. Only then should you carefully, consciously buy products that will actually serve a purpose. (And buy second hand wherever possible.)

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80+ zero waste swaps - PollyBarks.com

I’m here to help you find your next few zero waste swaps. Bookmark this page for later use… and then get to work!

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Now that you’ve found your next few zero waste swaps and eco-friendly products, it’s time to take action! Why not check out my list of zero waste beginner posts to help you make a plan!

Because swaps are a great place to start, but a terrible place to stop. Let’s get going!