Stress-free shampoo bars with Dulse & Rugosa -

Stress-free shampoo bars with Dulse & Rugosa

This post is kindly sponsored by Dulse & Rugosa, a Maine-based mother/daughter team making zero waste bath and beauty products.

My zero waste hair routine is ever-changing, and I’ve got the remnants of old experiments littering my bathroom closet to prove it. Some products no longer work after moving to a place with incredibly hard water. Some never worked to start with. Half bars of shampoo soap languish, being used only when I feel the need to switch it up again.

So when Claire of Dulse & Rugosa contacted me, I was a bit hesitant. Having family from Maine, I was excited to hear about a zero waste, ocean-friendly company from the state. I was afraid to be disappointed by a brand I really wanted to like.

The more I talked to them, though, the more it seemed like they really knew what they were talking about.

As Claire explained, their zero waste aspirations as a company comes from their intimate connection with the ocean. They tout locally-grown seaweed as key to their business and that – clearly – relies on a clean, healthy ocean. They also grow all their own botanicals on theirĀ island farm. How romantic is that?

So, I decided to give Dulse & Rugosa a try.

What I liked best was that Claire was intimately knowledgeable about her products (from creating them, obviously), but also how they would work best with particular hair and skin types. Don’t be afraid to shoot her an email, she’ll set you up with what you need.

Seriously. I don’t exaggerate when I say this is the best low-waste hair care routine I’ve ever experienced. No dry-but-greasy shampoo bar. No overly greasy hair from the oil. Seriously amazing.

Dulse & Rugosa products I tried

I tried three hair products recommended to me for my hair type. Their products are made in small batches so they feel intimately luxurious in a way that bigger brands just can’t do. I also like that some of the products had actual herbs still in the bottle, so you could tell 100% the scents weren’t synthetically derived.

Plus, they’re packaged in either paper or easily reusable glass bottles!

Lovely Rita Shampoo Bar. Formulated for curly, dry hair, this shampoo bar is seriously amazing. I hadn’t been using a shampoo bars for a few washes before I tried this, just to see the difference, and I had absolutely zero of that awkward dry hair transition period. Can’t recommend more. [Packaged in a paper wrapping.]

Herbal Vinegar Rinse. I have made my own ACV rinses before, but honestly none have worked quite as well as this herbal infusion has. It’s meant to be diluted with water and used as a follow-up from the shampoo bar. [Packaged in an amber glass bottle – will definitely be reusing!]

Hair Oil. The real MVP here. I think this is the product that saves my hair from that straw-like feeling that comes so often with shampoo bars. Just a few drops goes a long way to moisturize hair and fight a bit of the inevitable summer frizz. I also use the hair oil on those days when my ends feel really dry from a lack of washing; it perks up my hair for at least another day! [Packaged in an amber glass bottle with dropper.]

Stress-free shampoo bars with Dulse & Rugosa -

Final thoughts on Dulse & Rugosa

First and foremost, so happy I can well and truly recommend these products! There’s nothing worse than being disappointed by a well-intentioned company. Happy to report that’s totally not the case with Dulse & Rugosa – at least for my hair.

I also think the company is a great starting point for those looking for a gentle introduction into low-waste hair care. Shampoo bars and zero waste conditioners can be notoriously hard to get right, leaving newbies despairing and constantly wearing hats for weeks at a time!

The pricepoint is mid-range but reasonable when you consider I’ve been using the bar twice weekly for almost a month and haven’t even made a dent in the bar! While there are certainly cheaper zero waste hair care options, I can’t overstate how impressive it is to enjoy a shampoo bar regime that doesn’t make your hair feel straw-like for the first few weeks (or more!) of use.

Who knows? The brand may even be your end point if you have as great of an experience as I did!