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Eco-Activation Blueprint

A 5-day reflective course to find your environmental advocate niche

How do you take action on an existential problem like the climate crisis? By focusing inward, finding your true passions, and attacking problems you can solve.

With the Eco-Activation Blueprint, you’ll feel more settled and confident in the practical actions you take to save the environment.

You’ll learn how to find your environmental advocate niche so you can stop feeling ineffective and burned out; instead, you’ll find the right type of activism for you, discover your revolutionary skills, and create a framework that keeps you motivated and inspired.

Next Blueprint begins January 4th!

Eco-Activation Blueprint -

Tell me if this sounds like you:

  • the crushing existential dread of the climate crisis makes you feel helpless. You feel like all of your individual actions are useless against such a massive, global problem. 
  • you want to be more active in environmental activism. But between protests, meetups, virtual meetings, donations, phone banks and more, you aren’t sure where you fit in or what’s the best use of your time.

What if there was a way to break through the noise and indecision?

That’s exactly why I created the Eco-Activation Blueprint. Now more than ever we don’t have time to waste! So take the five days from January 4th – 8th to plan for taking direct, tangible action to be a more… active… activist within the near future.

What you’ll get in the Eco-Activation Blueprint

  • 5 daily emails with short lessons priming you for the reflection and action items.
  • an interactive workbook, updated daily with prompts and reflection questions to help you move towards your activist niche.
  • a community of like-minded folks to work through the program with (we’ll have a WhatsApp group to update each other on wins/concerns/questions – plus daily reminders of the prompts).

Day 3 & 4 were definitely tied for most valuable. Day 3 helped me figure out which actions are best suited to my personality. Day 4 helped me learn a new tool (the sliding scale) for effectively committing to activism while being respectful of my own limits.

– Brittany, session #1 participant

Right now you’re struggling with how to connect what you like/are good at to taking climate action. The Eco-Activation Blueprint can help you fight the overwhelm!

Together, let’s:

  • pinpoint your unique skills and translate how they can help the environmental movement
  • better understand the different forms of environmental activism and which are best suited to your personality type
  • generate a list of ideas of how you can take action, depending on the ebb and flow of your life

We can’t do 100%, 100% of the time. But by knowing ourselves and making a plan, we can avoid the worst of eco-fatigue and continue to take meaningful action, even when life forces us to slow down.

About Polly Barks
Zero waste educator | Lafayette, IN

Hey! I’m Polly and I’m here to break down the big, overwhelming ideas of zero waste and living sustainably into smaller, more actionable pieces. Because if sustainability is hard to understand, how can it be accessible to those who need it most?

This 5-day course is based around the struggles I had as someone passionate but overwhelmed at the idea of actually doing something in the face of the climate crisis. I struggled for many years – feeling ineffective, burned out, you name it – until I realized I had to find my niche. 

Finding my passions, the types of activism that work for my personality type, and doing just a few things well have been game changers in how energized I feel to take action.

Series overview 

Day 1: Let’s talk about what activism actually is 
Day 2: Your set of unique revolutionary skills 
Day 3: Your personality & activism 

Day 4: The sliding scale of activism 
Day 5: Pulling this all together – and forward 

I really valued Day 5, but each day was the perfect foundation to get to that last step. Energy and accountability are a struggle for me that are really important for getting things done, and so Day 5 wrapped up the course beautifully to set up a plan to move forward!

– Marissa, Session #1 participant


How long do I have access to the course?

Because it’s being sent out by email, forever! You’ll be able to save the emails (and the workbook) to reference back to whenever you need. That being said, this is a class with an element of interaction so I highly recommend being able to commit to interacting with other participants during the week the Blueprint is offered.