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How to zero waste meal plan like a pro

food systems, zero waste kitchen

Food and what we eat is probably our biggest trash-maker; conversely, it's also one of the easiest ways to drastically reduce our waste....

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6 simple steps for an at-home trash audit

food systems, compost, zero waste kitchen

One of the best ways to get a handle on your trash output is by channeling your inner raccoon. Yup, I'm talking about digging into your...

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Break up with paper towels in 5 easy steps

zero waste kitchen, starting zero waste • One Comment

Break up with paper towels: a zero waste lifestyle is more than a plastic bag – and it’s not compatible with single-use paper items.

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How to host your own zero waste dinner party

food systems, community action, zero waste kitchen

Thanks so much to Hawnuh Lee of Closed-Loop Cooking for teaching us how to host your own zero-waste dinner party!...

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The most effective way to reduce your water footprint

take action, zero waste bathroom, zero waste kitchen

The most effective way to reduce your water footprint might surprise you. It's not turning off the faucet when we brush your teeth, or...

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Are you actually paying more for zero waste groceries?

food systems, zero waste kitchen

Most of the time, zero waste groceries are more accessible and more economical than you might expect.

Rather than just saying that, I recently put it to the test: same list, two different stores. Trying to be as budget conscious and low-waste as possible.

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