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Where to find zero waste DIY ingredients online [2020]

In an ideal world, we’d all be able to walk to a perfectly-curated, low-price unpackaged store with all the zero waste DIY ingredients we’d ever need. It may be (not at all) shocking to find out, but that’s not reality for most.

To help you intrepid DIYers out, I figured I’d compile a big list of where to source zero waste DIY ingredients online.

How to make homemade lotion, DIY body butter, and simple salve

I’m not a big lotion user. I was never brand-loyal to a bottled version that I found hard to give up. That being said, I’m a big fan of these three recipes – homemade lotion, DIY body butter, and simple salve. I never feel tempted to pick up a store-bought version. These homemade recipes work […]

Make your own unpaper towels in 3 easy steps

Unpaper towels are a simple, easy alternative to paper towels. For some people, the pull of paper towels is a hard mountain to overcome. Convenience is all-too-often a deciding factor in what products people choose, but we collectively need to make decision that go beyond convenience. But as you delve into zero waste living, you’ll […]

Easy bento bag tutorial – under 30 minutes!

This bento bag tutorial needs to be shared. Because if I – the most mediocre seamstress of all – can whip it up simply, it means it’s the perfect zero waste project.