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10 high-impact zero waste challenge ideas

We’re not messing around with any of this “buy a reusable straw!!” zero waste challenge ideas. We’re going to do great things with real results while also still recognizing you don’t have all the time in the world to devote to sustainability.

How to calculate your ecological footprint

“Do this today” encourages you to get out of the “awareness” phase and into the “active” phase of your environmentally-friendly life. Because knowing about problems is very different from actively trying to solve them! This time we’re talking how and why to calculate your ecological footprint.

The most effective way to reduce your water footprint

The most effective way to reduce your water footprint might surprise you. It’s not turning off the faucet when we brush your teeth, or collecting water from our shower to water plants, or even taking fewer showers. It’s…

6 actionable tips for going zero waste on a budget

When most people think about the zero waste movement, they think of ultra-privileged folks with a massive amount of expendable income to spend on fancy products. Zero waste on a budget is simply an impossibility. Is that a fair assessment? To a large degree, yes. People can only participate in the zero waste movement because […]