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20 ways to go zero waste at home when you can’t leave the house

Going zero waste at home can feel difficult. So much of our zero waste efforts are wrapped up in being out in the world, actively fighting unsustainable systems. Still, sometimes we need to stay at home. Don’t worry – I’ve got plenty of ideas and practical actions you can take to reduce your waste and […]

How to stop junk mail in 6 simple steps

One interesting bit of napkin math estimates 41 pounds of junk mail – the average amount of junk mail someone living in the US receives per year – has the same carbon footprint as 6 gallons of gasoline. So how to stop all of this junk mail?!

How to respond to a climate change denier

Let’s talk about how to respond to a climate change denier. Because let’s face it: freezing and stumbling around your answer isn’t working!

Do this today! Start a Little Free Pantry

A Little Free Pantry is “a grassroots, crowdsourced solution to immediate and local need. Whether a need for food or a need to give, Little Free Pantry facilitates feeding neighbors, nourishing neighborhoods.” Here’s how to start one.

Do this today! Calculate your water footprint

Calculate your water footprint and explore the ways in which you can waste less of our most precious resource. Do this today is a series of posts that encourage you to get out of the “awareness” phase and into the “active” phase of your environmentally-friendly life. Because knowing about problems is very different from actively […]