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20 of the best eco-friendly housewarming gifts

When we moved into our house, several people expressed interest in sending me a housewarming gift. But what are the best eco-friendly housewarming gifts to ask for?

Where to find zero waste DIY ingredients online [2020]

In an ideal world, we’d all be able to walk to a perfectly-curated, low-price unpackaged store with all the zero waste DIY ingredients we’d ever need. It may be (not at all) shocking to find out, but that’s not reality for most.

To help you intrepid DIYers out, I figured I’d compile a big list of where to source zero waste DIY ingredients online.

13 examples of zero waste fashion – yes, it’s a thing!

Zero waste fashion. At its heart, it’s an oxymoron. You can’t produce new things and ever be “zero waste”. But just like the zero waste movement as a whole, it’s more about the spirit of attempting harm reduction toward the planet than anything else. So in this post, let’s talk through what zero waste fashion […]