How to make a custom zero waste soap (and why)

politics/economy, zero waste bathroom, zero waste cleaning

In this post I’ll be showing you how to make a custom zero waste soap, but first we need to talk about the why. These DIYs are not just fun (but they can be) – they can be a real way to wrest power from mega-corporations who prioritize profit over people.

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Why we shouldn’t be throwing (biodegradable) glitter at Loop

more than a plastic bag, food systems, politics/economy

If you're in the sustainability sphere at all, you've probably heard about the launch of Loop, a "zero-waste delivery service" from...

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Advanced zero waste resources

more than a plastic bag, community action, food systems, politics/economy

Welcome to the advanced zero waste resources! You’ve made the swaps, dipped your toe into zero waste beyond the plastic bag, and now...

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Tips on getting near-zero waste orders from Amazon

politics/economy, shopping guide

Amazon plastic free shipping: it can (almost) be done. BUT: Amazon is not sustainable. Supporting Amazon when you have other options is not zero waste.

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