12 actually-useful survival skills – and how to learn them

community action, food systems, politics/economy

As the world changes, so will our society. The things we once considered niche or old fashioned will become essential survival skills,...

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The privilege and necessity of a no-spend challenge

community action, politics/economy, take action

We know that buying and consuming too many resources is bad for the environment, but what’s the alternative? If you feel caught in...

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How to respond to a climate change denier

take action, politics/economy • One Comment

Let’s talk about how to respond to a climate change denier. Because let’s face it: freezing and stumbling around your answer isn’t working!

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Why Universal Basic Income is good for the environment

politics/economy • 4 Comments

Universal Basic Income: good for your wallet, great for equity and the fight against the climate crisis. Let's talk why Universal Basic...

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What is greenwashing? How do I spot it?


One of the most frequent questions I get asked is "what is greenwashing?". People want to know: "can I trust this company, or is it just a...

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Using privilege to make zero waste more accessible

community action, more than a plastic bag, politics/economy

Zero waste: is it accessible? Well, that’s kind of my thing (literally – look at my tagline). 100% zero waste isn’t accessible (or possible for anyone) but there are changes we can make to empower ourselves and improve the environment and our communities. Here’s my call – and some practical tips – to make zero waste more accessible by using our privilege.

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