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What’s the actual definition of compostable? (Biodegradable?!)

As zero waste and sustainability issues arise, so does the tide of commercial products ready to capitalize on the market. Before we get excited about companies slapping an “eco-friendly” green badge on their labels, let’s talk about the truth behind greenwashing on compostable products.

50 critical sustainable habits to add to your everyday life

Sustainable habits: we all need them, but which ones we choose depends on our lifestyle and interests. Don’t worry, this list has something for you – and it’s definitely more than the basics you’ve already heard! Sure – while “bring your reusable bags” or “use a bamboo toothbrush” are great sustainable habits to start with, […]

How to use food scraps to make broth

This is an excerpt from my upcoming book, More Than a Plastic Bag: An action guide for environmentalists of every level. Get the book! Beginner: Divide up your scraps The first week I started composting, I was excited but also slightly horrified at just how much fresh food I – someone trying to be conscientious […]

6 simple steps for an at-home trash audit

One of the best ways to get a handle on your trash output is by channeling your inner raccoon. Yup, I’m talking about digging into your trash can and finding out what’s really going on there with a trash audit. It can be a pretty gross undertaking, but honestly: what can motivate you to reduce your waste […]