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community action

16 resources to be a better climate activist that aren’t Instagram

Or, alternatively, the title I wanted to use that was too long: 16 resources to be a better climate activist that aren’t mindlessly scrolling social media, liking and reposting as if it’s actual action. I left Instagram, the spot that not only ate up a ridiculous amount of my time and mental energy, and also […]

12 actually-useful survival skills – and how to learn them

As the world changes, so will our society. The things we once considered niche or old fashioned will become essential survival skills, critical ways to help your community thrive in the new normal. Secure your place in the new world with these survival skills for the climate revolution!

The privilege and necessity of a no-spend challenge

We know that buying and consuming too many resources is bad for the environment, but what’s the alternative? If you feel caught in the endless loop of consumption, why not try a no-spend challenge? Stop buying stuff you don’t need, save money, put a little less stress on the planet… but also recognize the remarkable […]

Ways to support your community in times of crisis

Many people new to the environmental movement often seem confused about the intersectionality of it all. Without going into a million-word monologue, suffice to say: the ways in which we neglect, isolate, and move away from our communities (but particularly those in marginalized groups) are directly related to the climate crisis. Social justice and the […]

Use your privilege & make zero waste accessible

Zero waste: is it accessible? 100% zero waste isn’t accessible (or possible for anyone) but there are changes we can make to empower ourselves and improve the environment and our communities. Here’s my call – and some practical tips – to make zero waste more accessible by using our privilege. Here’s my thing: while I […]