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community action

5 eco-friendly community action projects to inspire you

If you’re reading here, it’s likely you have a passion for sustainability. But taking that passion and turning it into something practical for your community is easier said than done. Have a look at these 5 eco-friendly community action projects and find some inspiration to stop dreaming and start taking action.

The ultimate 30-day sustainability challenge workbook

Ready to learn and develop your sustainability knowledge? Want to learn how to turn information into action? Then this is the workbook for you! I hope it helps continue your education as you stay at home in a way that you can apply to your community once we’re able to gather together again.

Five-Minute Feedback: zero waste letter templates

Welcome to Five-Minute Feedback, a guide to help busy environmental advocates quickly write feedback to companies and politicians so they can stop wasting time and start fighting back! Included are three email/letter templates you can use to craft your own feedback. Stop feeling paralyzed by not knowing what to write and reach out with your […]

How to recycle clothes (and why you 100% shouldn’t)

So here’s the deal: the real answer on how to recycle clothes is to not do it at all. Yes, I said it. As many green, “eco”-branded websites tell you that recycling clothes through them is totally sustainable, the fact is it takes a ton of resources to recycle clothing – often putting a strain […]

50 critical sustainable habits to add to your everyday life

Sustainable habits: we all need them, but which ones we choose depends on our lifestyle and interests. Don’t worry, this list has something for you – and it’s definitely more than the basics you’ve already heard! Sure – while “bring your reusable bags” or “use a bamboo toothbrush” are great sustainable habits to start with, […]