The Essential Zero Waste Blueprint

Getting rid of all the plastic packaging in your life. Eradicating food waste. Hours and hours of frustrating research.

An exhausting work day. Wrangling kids. Convincing the rest of the world recycling isn’t the answer to our environmental problems.

The statistics are frightening and the day-to-day is overwhelming.

Trying to de-trash your life and enact sustainable changes while still living your life can feel totally impossible. We want to live a perfect zero waste life right away when in fact making these changes is a slow, habit-building process.

That’s where The Essential Zero Waste Blueprint comes in.

Each part of The Blueprint focuses on a different aspect of zero waste life (the 12 zero waste zones – see below), helping you break down a complex problem into smaller, actionable steps. We’ll tackle a different zone of zero waste living with weekly mini-lessons.

The Essential Zero Waste Blueprint will help you craft a personalized plan specific to you and your lifestyle by offering two different actionable tips for every lesson. If you feel super confident about one area, you can choose the more difficult path (Time to Spare tips). If you’re not sure or just aren’t interested in making big changes in another zone, just choose the simpler option (Quick Fix tips).

Kind words from a blueprint member:

The course will take time, but I know it will be worth it. Polly is someone I respect immensely, both as a zero waste advocate and a person. Her approach is reasonable, relatable, and open to people of all levels, incomes, abilities, etc.

The Essential Zero Waste Blueprint

At the end of Blueprint you can expect to:

  • have a better understanding of zero waste and how to incorporate it into your daily life;
  • explore all the major areas of your life and identify practical ways to reduce waste;
  • create a zero waste blueprint custom-made with you and your lifestyle in mind;
  • cultivate relationships with like-minded people from all over the world.

Current zones available: