Zero waste tips & tricks

The most popular zero waste stores, ranked by my 26K Instagram followers

After years of living zero waste, I’m not a big shopper. So I turned to my Instagram followers and asked them to help me answer: what’s the best zero waste store?

Because it’s a question I get a lot and I wanted some great stores to point people away from places like Am*zon.

Of course, all this goes without saying that zero waste is far more than just making a few zero waste swaps. Resist the urge to buy something new for at least 30 days – if you decide you still need it after that, make the purchase. Or consider shopping second-hand, first!

All that to say, if/when you decide to buy something new, support these zero waste stores trying their best to source ethical, sustainable products. Trust they’ve been vetted by a pretty great group of folks!

The privilege and necessity of a no-spend challenge

We know that buying and consuming too many resources is bad for the environment, but what’s the alternative? If you feel caught in the endless loop of consumption, why not try a no-spend challenge?

Stop buying stuff you don’t need, save money, put a little less stress on the planet… but also recognize the remarkable privilege you have in even taking part in a no-spend challenge.

Reel Paper: a zero waste toilet paper for those not ready to say goodbye

Thanks to Reel Paper for sponsoring this post. Let’s talk about zero waste toilet paper!

I’ve tried to convince my partner several times to switch over to a non-toilet paper option like a bidet or family cloth. He is not. having. it.

And here’s the thing: he grew up in the midst of the collapsing USSR in a small house with no indoor plumbing save one sink. Using the toilet was a small trek to the wooden outhouse. (I can tell you from experience using an outhouse in the Russian winter is not pleasant.)

The luxury of toilet paper is real. And I respect that.

Because we can’t force those around us to embrace zero waste swaps and expect them to stick. So in the full interest of embracing an imperfect approach to zero waste living, I try to choose toilet paper that’s slightly less damaging to the environment than what’s typically available.

Enter Reel Paper.

A guide to zero waste moving, from start to finish

Zero waste moving. Not something we typically consider until we’re faced with packing up our entire lives.

Moving has the potential to create a huge amount of waste if you leave the slightest thing to chance. Unfortunately, this means planning.

Thankfully, I’ve got you covered in the form of all the things my husband and I did right – and could have done better in our zero waste moving experience from Indianapolis to Lafayette. I broke it down step-by-step to make the whole process a little less intimidating!