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What’s the actual definition of compostable? (Biodegradable?!)

What's the actual definition of compostable_ (Biodegradable_!) -

As zero waste and sustainability issues arise, so does the tide of commercial products ready to capitalize on the market. Before we get excited about companies slapping an “eco-friendly” green badge on their labels, let’s talk about the truth behind greenwashing on compostable products.

I want to cover four main points as we discuss biodegradable and compostable products.

Where to find zero waste DIY ingredients online [2020]

Where to find zero waste DIY ingredients online -

A large part of the zero waste experience is DIY. Whether you love it or immediately stop DIYing, it’s an important first step into exploring alternatives to conventional products.

In an ideal world, we’d all be able to walk to a perfectly-curated, low-price unpackaged store with all the zero waste DIY ingredients we’d ever need. It may be (not at all) shocking to find out, but that’s not reality for most.

To help you intrepid DIYers out, I figured I’d compile a big list of where to source zero waste DIY ingredients online.

Five-Minute Feedback: zero waste letter templates

Five-Minute Feedback: zero waste template letters

Welcome to Five-Minute Feedback, a guide to help busy environmental advocates quickly write feedback to companies and politicians so they can stop wasting time and start fighting back!

Included are three email/letter templates you can use to craft your own feedback. Stop feeling paralyzed by not knowing what to write and reach out with your concerns ASAP!

Safety razors for women – save money and trash!

Safety razors for women - all your questions, answered! -

Safety razors for women – yes, it’s a thing. Why let men have all the low-waste action?

I am, perhaps, uniquely unqualified to talk about shaving with a safety razor. Being the whitest redhead, I’ve got such light hair you likely can’t tell whether I shaved yesterday or three months ago unless you’re feeling my leg. (Please don’t do that.)

Still. I am a person that occasionally shaves my legs. When I started my zero waste journey, switching away from plastic razors seemed like a simple, extremely effective way to get started. The EPA estimates that 2 billion razors are thrown away each year, so it’s critically important to move away from such an egregious waste area.

Enter shaving with a safety razor.

And yes, safety razors for women, specifically!