Zero waste tips & tricks

8 high-impact climate change solutions to try at home

Individual climate change solutions -

Individual climate change solutions seem impossible – but they’re here and backed by science.

I biked slowly down the street, almost entirely alone biking towards downtown Indianapolis at 6am.

I’d been committing to the zero waste lifestyle pretty seriously for some time, dutifully dragging my zero waste kit to my emotionally exhausting job on my bike, doing my best to reduce my waste while living in a food desert, and tentatively dipping my toes into talking about zero waste more seriously in the form of a website.

How to recycle clothes (and why you 100% shouldn’t)

So here’s the deal: the real answer on how to recycle clothes is to not do it at all.

Yes, I said it.

As many green, “eco”-branded websites tell you that recycling clothes through them is totally sustainable, the fact is it takes a ton of resources to recycle clothing – often putting a strain on countries outside of the global West for our convenience.

Just like recycling everything else, the true answer is clear: we’re consuming way too many items of clothing and the demand for recycled textiles simply doesn’t meet the supply.

That being said, once you get a handle on your consumption, there are great ways to give clothes you don’t want a new life.

30+ ideas for an epic zero waste Halloween

Halloween: a holiday that’s supposed to scare us as we deal with a planet on the brink of disaster. But a skeleton. Scary. Sure.

Ignoring my climate pessimism, a zero waste Halloween celebration is 100% possible if you’re willing to step back from the plastic-wrapped candy and junky decorations and get a little creative.

Zero waste Halloween costumes

Your complete guide to zero waste Halloween festivities -

50 critical sustainable habits to add to your everyday life

Sustainable habits: we all need them, but which ones we choose depends on our lifestyle and interests. Don’t worry, this list has something for you – and it’s definitely more than the basics you’ve already heard!

Sure – while “bring your reusable bags” or “use a bamboo toothbrush” are great sustainable habits to start with, they’re not going to change the world.* And I know you’re here because you’re ready to change the world for the better.

*If you are starting at the very beginning and looking for those tips, start with these zero waste resolutions!

16 resources to be a better climate activist that aren’t Instagram

The big list of climate activist resources -

Or, alternatively, the title I wanted to use that was too long: 16 resources to be a better climate activist that aren’t mindlessly scrolling social media, liking and reposting as if it’s actual action.

I left Instagram, the spot that not only ate up a ridiculous amount of my time and mental energy, and also made me feel like I was doing something but… reposting a Canva graphic isn’t climate activism. “Awareness” is a bar we long overcame and isn’t enough anymore.

But as much as Instagram and the empty activism frustrated me, it was the online spot where I got frequent hot-takes about the state of the world.

When I left, I didn’t know how I’d be a good climate activist and stay up-to-date on all the climate and social justice issues. So I started digging.