weeks per grocery bag of trash


daily questions about what you’re doing


dollars saved per month on groceries


Zero Waste Presentations

Small to mid-sized group presentations geared toward introducing zero waste and brainstorming actionable goals attendees can try as soon as they leave the class.

Zero Waste Workshops

One of the best ways to incorporate zero waste into your daily life is by learning a practical skill. From toiletries to fermenting, whatever you're interested - I've got a zero waste swap for that.

Keynote Speeches

From lecturing on a specific subject related to sustainability accessibility at a conference, to sharing zero waste solutions for a local audience, I'm happy to share the knowledge I've gained through my lived experiences.

Polly confronts the issues and views that many others avoid. She does this respectfully, and thoroughly explains and supports her claims and ideas for improvement. I think this is what the "zero waste movement" needs.

- Podcast Review